Patreon is a crowd funding platform for artists who wish to support their personal ventures. I used to create five comics a week for my collegiate paper and would like to have the freedom to do so again one day. Patreon has been great so far because it allows me to connect with fans, post unique content, and pay for my website.

A Big Thanks to My Patreons Below!

Matt + Jasyln Wren-  Derek Robinson

John + Candy Holte-  Sheri Ross

Mike + Sonia Mason-  Corey Stores

Sean Reece-  John Finn- Joshua Bell

Matt Kirsch-  Colby + Meredith Work

Ryan Johnson-  Casey Farris - Zachary Bell

Alan Dennis-  Emrys Hopkins- Adrian Bartoli

Oba-  Tim Yokum- Dickson Leung - Mary Jenkins -

Lennart Bossér