Unseen Zine Volume 1


Exclusive Content

I've created a new zine featuring 10 comics and doodles that will never appear online! I've forgone 1's and 0's and opted to go with a tactile tree-like substance. They are available through my Patreon page for all pledgers tier-2 and above. I really appreciate my Patreon supporters, and plan on releasing more exclusive comics in the future.



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At Random is featured on Patreon's homepage! https://www.patreon.com/ They also posted on Facebook & Twitter. Please help spread the word, you can support my comics for $1 a month! Rather than try and get a lot from any one person, I'm attempting to grow a large crowd that gives a little. I will always post free comics, but with enough support I could make six or seven a week. Thank you for visiting the site!