Pumpkin Horror Story


Happy Early Halloween! I ran across an old comic of mine floating around online, and felt the need to update it. I don't frequently redraw comics of old, but I made an exception. I really liked the concept from the older version and felt it could be contemporarily entertaining, but felt the visuals were lacking. 

A lot has changed in my comic making process since this original version appeared in 2007. I used to draw my comics on a large piece of paper in pencil, then trace my lines with pen and ink. I would then erase my pencil lines, scan the comic, and touch it up in Photoshop. I also used to use more captions than I do now. Around my fourth book I switched from handwritten text to a font, which made a huge difference. No matter how detailed I can draw, my handwriting will always be questionable.

Redrawing comics isn't about erasing the old version, but rather approaching it with my new toolset and experience, which has given me greater line control, and the ability to focus on character expression.